Hautebox by Charlotte Welch

Hautebox is the perfect stylish and discreet cannabis accessory.

Once again, Charlotte Welch brings aesthetic fashion sense to your modern and slightly rebellious independent lifestyle, matching next-level gadgetry with old-school cool.

What Is A HauteBox?

This beautiful, functional, and oh-so-necessary cannabis companion is the perfect way to stash your pre-rolls and lighter, safely and fashionably.

Pre-Roll storage for now and later.

Be discreetly rebellious, but always be prepared.

The Hautebox is neatly compartmentalized to keep your pre-rolls separate from your spark, and always ready when you are.

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  • Scent Proof

    Hautebox makes a tight seal to
    privately and securely keep
    your secret from nosy associates.

  • Water Proof

    And shall we say, “Wine Proof” as well?
    This box has it all: smart, stylish, sleek

    and small enough to stash anywhere.

  • Burn Proof

    You can even put a fully lit pre-roll

    inside the Hautebox to be safely snuffed

    out and ready for later.

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