“Style is Personal, Functional and Fun.”

One of San Francisco’s most respected stylists, Charlotte Welch, has spent years dressing and shaping the style of high profile business professionals, commercial clients, and fashion’s elite faces.

Charlotte Welch brings fashion and cannabis together.

Now she has branched out with her very own Charlotte Welch brand, with a focus on chic but affordable can’t-live-without unique accessories for men and women alike.

Her keen eye and savvy insights into coming trends are now at your fingertips with a luxury direct to consumer cannabis centric lifestyle brand, focusing on giving successful people ways to carry cannabis discreetly and chicly.  

She developed and evolved her expressive flair for shape, style, and form during her years as student of fashion in both San Francisco and abroad in Italy. Her extensive travels to Europe have greatly influenced her particular bravura for styling, and now she brings all that experience home to you.

A career putting her skills into practice in the global fashion industry has vaulted Charlotte ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding personal style.

She has her eye on you.

What’s Next:

Now Charlotte’s talents are no longer reserved for the privileged few.

Keep an eye on eye-opening new developments to come as the Charlotte Welch Brand evolves and grows.

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